Need IT expertise?

I am Petar Tahchiev and I advise companies how to choose, set up and optimize IT systems in order to grow their business.

My Story

More than a decade in IT sector, as a developer, an entrepreneur and now a consultant, taught me first-hand what businesses actually need from their IT systems!

My professional background starts as an awarded mathematician and university programming lecturer. But I quickly turned to being a professional Java developer and worked on projects for big international clients such as Microsoft, Samsung, Triumph, Bridgestone, AVG, Mercedes, etc.

I have been a prominent open-source contributor for many years and a frequent guest speaker at tech conferences in the USA and Europe. I have been an active part in building the local Java community and have written many educational materials for Java.

I turned my passion and expertise for technologies in business and now advise companies around the globe in choosing, setting up and optimizing their IT systems, so that they can grow their business fast and sustainably.


IT infrastructure audit

With the growth of the organization comes complexity on every level, including IT architecture. Many times the spaghetti code can be seen and solved only from an external point of view.

Software recommendation

Choosing the right software solution for your business needs often can make or break the whole project. Knowing how to evaluate and choose enterprise applications is a skill you can rent.

Implementation support

When you choose the right software solution, your main goal is to make it work with your existing system architecture. Mistakes here cost poor performance and lots of wasted time.


Apache Software Foundation
Apache Maven Developer

Responsible for design, implementation, testing and maintenance of the Maven-assembly-plugin.

Hewlett Packard
Technical consultant

Part of the EMEA C&I development team. Responsible for the VDMS – Vodafone Device Management System.

Application architect

Design, implementation, testing and maintenance of internet e-commerce applications build with SAP Hybris.

Founder & CEO

Software company with focus on SAP Hybris implementation projects all around the globe.

Nemesis Software
Founder & CEO

Nemesis is fast and flexible solution for building enterprise applications. It is a cloud native, scalable and highly customizable development framework, that provides out-of-the box all basic functionalities any application needs.

Best-selling author

In 2010 I was invited by Manning Publications to take part in the team behind „JUnit in Action“ Second edition.

JUnit is the leading Java unit testing framework. The book provides techniques for solving real-world problems, such as using mocks for testing isolation, in-container testing for Java EE and database applications, and test automation.



In the world of IT, it is always better to have one great mind than having an army of the average. In building the first platform-based global eCommerce framework with a brand new team in the region, Peter played a critical role as an experienced adviser & expert engineer to kick-start the new project team.

Paul Kim
Global Business Innovation at Samsung Electronics

Petar is a top notch engineer who always gets his work done in a no-nonsense manner. He insures high quality output. I had a pleasure of working with Petar on this fast-paced project and was always impressed by his ability to get his projects done with the highest level of quality in record short amount of time. Petar is easily approachable, sharp and responsive.

Celine Jung
Delivery Manager at Greenlight Commerce

Petar is one of the best software developers, organizers and friends I had. Petar is one of the few, being able to do software at work and then at night again writing a book or committing to some apache open source project and still having energy for all the beautiful girls.

Ridvan Gyundogan
Hybris Architect at